Mar 10 2007

Nattyware’s Pixie Tool Weirdness

Pixie ToolYesterday, Zach asked me a question about a weird issue he was having with Pixie. Since we both use Pixie for our web development, I was interested to see if it was a flaw or just an interesting situation.

Situation: Both Zach and I use Synergy to connect our keyboard and mouse together between the PC and Mac making working with two platforms very easy. Zach had Pixie open and moved his mouse off his PC and onto his Mac when he noticed that the color displaying on Pixie was a peach color. This was very weird because his background on his desktop was a picture of San Diego at night which means there was a lot of black. When he moved it back on to the PC, it changed the Pixie color to which ever color he was on. One more time he moved it off screen onto the Mac to find that peach color appear again.

My Experiment: I started changing my background image to figure out if it was Zach’s background that had an outside border of peach for some reason. When I changed my background, I opened up Pixie and moved it onto my Mac and I got a a different color than Zach did, but my color made sense. It was a blue to match with the background color, however, here is where it got interesting. When I moved the mouse off screen where it was white, I still got that same blue that I did the first time. After trying it about four or five more times, I was able to figure out what happened.

Conclusion: While using Pixie and Synergy, if you move the cursor off the screen of a PC (Pixie is a Windows Application) onto any other platform, Pixie will display the first color that it registered as you move it onto the other platform when it was first opened. After you move it off the screen that first time, it somewhere registers that color and will display it while on the other platform. In Zach’s case, the first color that he hit was Peach (Lights of a building in San Diego) and that is what it stuck with for as long as Pixie was open. Pixie is not flawed, it is just an situation that I thought was interesting. I highly recommend Pixie for color picking if you do any web development. Download it Now

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