Mar 12 2007

24 Day 6: 6pm – 7pm

Charles Logan was taken to CTU and placed into custody since he is still under house arrest. Chloe who was friends with all of the people that he killed had to go into the room that Logan was in. Chloe didn’t feel comfortable and decided to leave. Bill introduced Mike Doyle who is the new Head of Field Operations. CTU started planning an attack on the Russian Consulate even though it could be thought as an act of war. The man that captured Jack threw him down the stairs inside the Consulate and tried to kill him. Jack was able to disarm his gun and shoot him. The guards went to find Jack and kill him so he hid in a small area in a storage room. Jack tried to make a call when they shut off the phone lines and he couldn’t get the information about Gredenko to Morris. Jack killed the power to the basement of the Consulate. Bill went to question Logan and Charles suggested that his ex-wife Martha Logan call the Russian First Lady to inform the Russian President to tell the Consulate to surrender. Bill agrees but Charles wanted to tell her himself. Doyle wanted information from Morris and when Morris made a smart comment, Doyle grabbed him by the neck and talked to everyone at CTU. Milo told Doyle never to touch his people ever again and if he had a problem with it, that Doyle see him. Vice President Daniels met with Tom about the bomb going off and who to blame. Daniels asked Tom to tell the Ambassador of Assad’s country that he planted the bomb that was involved in the assassination attempt of President Palmer. Tom couldn’t do it at first but then he came around and agreed.

Fayed arrived in the desert where Gredenko was waiting with the drones. Bill updated the Vice President about the situation and their backup plan of the attack. Bill sent Doyle to his location to setup the attack on the Consulate. Aaron Pierce (Former Head Secret Service Agent) who is now with Martha brought her food and other supplies from the store. Logan called to talk with Martha but Aaron picked up. Martha didn’t want to talk with him even though it was important. Charles tried to explain the situation and what he needed her to do. Charles told Aaron that he would be there in a few minutes to talk to Martha

A chopper took Logan to see Martha to talk with her and get her to call the Russian First Lady. Jack who is still inside the Russian Consulate took two people hostage and requested a satellite phone to call CTU with the latest information. Charles talked with Aaron and wanted to shake his hand but Aaron ignored him and went inside. Martha decided that she didn’t want to talk with him anymore and Aaron went to explain why she needed to. Finally Martha hesitantly came out and allowed Charles to explain what she needed to do. Martha said that she would call if Charles got her on the phone.

Vice President Daniels met with the Ambassador of Assad’s country and explained the situation. Once the VP blamed the Ambassador’s country, they got into an argument and Daniels explained that if he doesn’t help the US find the nuclear weapons, that the US would retaliate and launch their own nukes at his country. Nadia went to talk to Bill to figure out what they were waiting on. While Charles and Matha were waiting for them to connect the call to Russia, Martha and Charles got into a fight and she threw vegetables at him. She apologized for her behavior and then took the plates into the kitchen. Martha grabbed the knife off the plate and stabbed Charles in the shoulder hitting an artery and making him bleed profusely. Aaron tried to help Charles but he was going into shock from the blood loss.

The medics took Charles into an ambulance to go to the hospital. Bill asked Aaron if Matha could make the call to the first lady. She said that she was able to make the call without any problems. Martha told Anya what she needed her to tell the President. Doyle and his team were ready to go as soon as they got the word from Bill to proceed. The consulate was told by the President that he is to surrender and let Jack Bauer go. The President told Bill that he authorized the use of force on the consulate. Jack was about to make the call to CTU from the sat phone when guards came into the room shooting. Bill gave the go ahead to Doyle and they attacked the building. The consulate called Gredenko telling him to launch the bombs. They killed all of the hostiles and rescued Jack. Doyle told Bill of the situation as Fayed and Gredenko armed the bombs in the drones. The ambulance was taking Logan to the hospital when he started to crash.

We don’t know if Logan will make it, but stay tuned next week for an all new episode.

Next Week: 7pm – 8pm
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