Mar 14 2007

Could I be a Columbian Drug Lord?

I bought a suit from Brooks Brothers the other day so that I would have one for my senior pictures and for job interviews, but apparently I looked like a Columbian Drug Lord (co-workers opinions). Obviously they are mistaken because I am not from Columbia. However, that did not stop them from setting up a private photo shoot making me look like a drug lord/PIMP. Since I was not getting my pictures taken immediately, I loosened my tie and unbuttoned my top button, but I forgot as we started taking the pictures. I wish they would have told me that my tie wasn’t straight because it would have made the pictures look a lot nicer. So if anyone needs a bag of cocaine, I am apparently the Columbian Drug Lord of Plymouth State.

*** DISCLAIMER: This in no way makes any connection between Drug Lords, Pimps, Plymouth State and myself. It is just for the fun factor and I do not actually deal drugs and am not doing anything illegal ***

The before picture with me holding a wad of cash…$$$$$
"Columbio" Drug Dealer

The after picture where I look like a PIMP with my fur coat and my “cane” aka umbrella.
"Columbio" PIMP/Drug Dealer

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  1. Matt

    Lies. You are obviously a real pimp.

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