Mar 20 2007

24 Day 6: 7pm – 8pm

**NOTE: This is about 24 hours later than when it was aired **

Federal Agents are reviewing what happened, Mike takes control of the situation at the Consulate. Gredenko makes Fayed launch the drones because CTU knows their location. The drones are planes that can fly remotely from anywhere in the world. Milo comforts Nadia about the felony she committed by using Milo’s key card. Bill tells Nadia about the drone that they launched and the conference with the commander. CTU lost communication with the drone because it had been disabled. The Vice President wanted to gather the joint chiefs for possible attack on Assad’s country.

CTU is trying to prioritize the list of cities that the drone could hit. Jack talked with Marilyn and explained why he acted the way he did back when they were together. While talking with Marylin, Jack found out that Audrey died in a car accident somewhere in China while she was looking for him. Jack yelled at Chloe for not telling him about the accident and made her get Audrey’s file. Karen Hayes came back and joined the VP in a meeting where he explained what was happening. Karen stated that his decision could start World War III. The Vice President ordered the Admiral to have a nuclear war sub standing by ready to fire.

Milo wanted Chloe to check Morris’s breathe so she went over to him and started kissing him and then told Milo that he was clean. Karen tried to get Tom to stay on her side and help her sway the Vice President. Tom told her that the only way to stop the drone is to pray that CTU finds it. They found a leak in the CTU systems and Doyle first blamed Nadia because she was a Muslim. Milo was against the blame however Chloe traced it to Nadia’s system and they took her into custody. Gredenko was told by his man that the drone locked in the GPS location and it is aimed at San Fransisco and is set to detonate the bomb in 20 minutes over the city.

Karen talked with President Palmer’s doctor asking him if he could be woken up for a matter of National Security. The doctor explained that if he were to wake him up from his coma that he could have serious brain damage. Doyle started to interrogate Nadia while CTU locked onto the location of where the pilot was running the drone from. Milo stopped Doyle and told him to go to the pilot’s location. Nadia begged Milo to believe her that she was not involved but the look in his eyes questioned her. Jack started reading Audrey’s file in medical when he got up and went to join the attack team. Jack told Bill that he was going to finish the mission so that Audrey didn’t die for nothing.

Gredenko’s man started to fly the drone into the city and that it would explode as soon as it crossed the city’s borders. Jack led Doyle and his team into the house. They took out the pilot and all of his men and then Jack took over the controls. Jack informed Bill of the target and then tried to turn the drone. Right as the drone was about to cross the perimeter, Jack was able to turn it enough that the nuclear weapon did not explode. The drone was about to stall when Chloe found him a stretch of space that he could land on near the end of the city. Jack was able to land the drone but it spun out of control and did not explode. However, the fire and rescue showed up and found out that some of the radiation from the nuke had been released. They called in the Hasmat team to deal with the situation. Bill called the Vice President to inform him of the situation and he took it as an attack on the US but Bill said that it wasn’t. However, the VP did not agree and gave an Executive Order to launch the warning shot on Assad’s country.

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