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Timothy Haroutunian

Timothy Haroutunian is a ServiceNow Cloud Implementation Specialist at Acorio. ServiceNow is an IT Management solution that allows for a complete view of your IT and physical environment.

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  1. Tara

    Hello Timothy,
    I think sometimes ideas are just in the air. When we launched back in December, at least three other Online Password Managers popped up more or less at the same time. It was a hard blow, but we were so far along already that we went forward anyway. I’m glad you like the results.

    You’re a developer, so you know how much blood, sweat and tears are going into this project. Thanks for the kind words, they’re much appreciated 🙂
    Cheers to you, I’ll be in touch,

  2. Marco

    Hi Timothy,
    Tara is right: we had the same idea almost at the same time.

    Clipperz launched few days ago, and I would be really honored to know your impressions. Any comment, criticism or suggestion is welcome!

    Best regards,

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