Mar 21 2007

Facebook New Design: Sneak Preview

The Facebook Blog stated that they created a group in Facebook that will allow users to get a sneak preview of the new design of the site. Join the group if you would like to get up to date information about the new design.

Biggest New Features:

  • A simplified design – For those of the Facebook old guard, you’ve watched the number of features on the site grow. The new design will bring the focus back to the core elements, so the links you use the most often are easiest to find, while the others have new sensible homes. This will also help beginners understand how to get started. The Profile page will be a little sleeker, with your status rearranged, quick links under the profile picture and a mini-er Mini-Feed.
  • A unified inbox – All of your messages and shares will be found in one unified inbox, and extra functionality will be added to each. Now, rather than commenting on a share, you reply to it, just like a message. Also you can now message several people at once, and they can reply to everyone on the thread, just like email.
  • Network pages – Every network will have a single page where you can see all the sweet stuff happening in each of your networks. You’ll be able to browse the profiles of network members, check out interesting facts about the breakdown of people around you, and see popular activity like which videos are getting shared and which groups are growing. There will also be a new events calendar to find out what’s going on in your network.

The Following are directly from the Sneak Preview Facebook Group:

Facebook Sneak Preview 1

Above: Status has been moved. Mini-Feed is shorter and part of basic info. Fewer links beneath photo – only the essentials.

Facebook Sneak Preview 2

Above: Left bar and top bar have been updated. News Feed is the same. Right bar is the same. Rather than leave a comment, share your opinion on the discussion board.

Facebook Sneak Preview 3

Above: This is the network page for UCLA. Facebook is building a page like this for every network on the site. You’ll be able to see what’s happening on Facebook at your school, company or region. Check out upcoming events, demographic info, network trends, and discussions.

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