Mar 26 2007

24 Day 6: 8pm – 9pm

Jack told the EMT’s that they need the pilot alive but he died. Doyle explained what happened with the drone and fallout. Bill told Jack about the Vice President’s decision and that they needed to stop him. Gredenko and Fayed realized that the bomb didn’t go off. Fayed attacked Gredenko telling him that he had the bombs and not Gredenko. Gredenko called Mark, a man who was going to be providing him with security clearance, had to use his mentally retarded brother to get the information. Chloe caught Mark and Bill told her to let Jack know. Doyle found out that Nadia’s computer was compromised and she didn’t know it, but he hid the evidence.

Karen Hayes approached Sandra Palmer who was standing next to President Palmer who is still in a coma. Karen asked Sandra to wake up her brother to stop the Vice President from launching the strike. Sandra did not want to give consent but after she thought about it, she said she was going to talk to the doctor. Daniels was told that Sandra wanted the President woken up. Daniels called the doctor and told him that if the President dies, he will be hung to the wall. Jack attacked Mark’s house and they shot him. Jack got information about the situation from his brother Brady. Jack found out that Mark sold blueprints to Gredenko for a nuclear physicality and that they will need to use Brady to make the deal.

Mark needed to convince Brady that he needs to listen to Jack and do what he says. Mark called Gredenko and told him that he is leaving the protocols with Brady. Milo accused Doyle of burying the evidence but Morris came in and clarified that he had the evidence and got it authenticated matching Nadia’s computer. Bill said that if the evidence was true than Nadia will be released but he needed to review it. Doyle told Milo that he is fine with the situation, but he will remember what happened.

Bill told Nadia that she was not involved and that he was sorry that it happened but Bill asked her to stay and work because they need their best people. Chloe told Milo that his feelings for her are not hidden well. Milo chased her into the back and started to kiss her and she kissed back than Nadia told him that she needs to get back to work. Sandra told the doctor not to put him back in the coma and then he started to flat line. Jack needed to talk to Brady so that he understands how the communication unit in his ear worked. Jack took him outside and told him to walk to the location. Brady gave the information to Gredenko and then they shot him with a tranquilizer followed by killing the other targets. Jack took the final shot killing the other hostile and then telling Brady that he will be fine.

Jack put Brady in a car and sent him back to CTU to see his brother. They didn’t find the bombs in Gredenko’s vehicle and Jack went to go interrogate him. Gredenko told Jack that Fayed had the bombs. Even thought the information that CTU gave them is relevant, Vice President Daniels ordered the strike, however, the strike was canceled per order of President Palmer. Wayne then called the VP and told him that he is not going to let him order the strike. Wayne also told the VP that the order will not be followed without his direct authorization. After he hung up, the Vice President said that President Palmer is not fit to remain in office since he was hurt and asked to contact the Attorney General.

Next Week: 9pm – 10pm

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