Apr 02 2007

24 Day 6: 9pm – 10pm

Tom and the cabinet setup for the meeting that was called for invoking the 25th amendment. President Palmer wanted a shot of Adrenaline to make him look stronger when he goes up against VP Daniels. President Palmer walked in under his own powers and took his place next to Daniels. They “shook” hands even though Wayne was very pissed off. Tom explained what the situation was and what to do next. Tom told the cabinet the reasons as to why the 25th amendment was invoked. gave his reasons for the actions that he took and Daniels did the same. Tom asked told the cabinet that after a 10 minute recess, they would reconvene to vote for or against the President.

Milo confronted Nadia about his feelings for her and then Doyle called her up to his office. He asked her to search Milo’s computer for evidence of a security breach. The cabinet reconvened and casted their votes. The vote was tied 7-7 and the Attorney General explained that because their wasn’t a majority, President Palmer would remain in office. However, Daniels said that since Karen Hayes was never formally reinstated as the National Security Adviser, her vote should not count. The Attorney General said that because there was a question about the validity of the vote, that it would have to go through the Supreme Court later that day. While the AG was speaking, President Palmer cringed and then walked out once the meeting was over.

Nadia made up an excuse as to why her station wasn’t working which allowed her to go into Milo’s computer and figure out if the security breach was his fault. Nadia approached Doyle and told him that it was Milo’s fault. Doyle proceeded to alter the logs so that it wouldn’t affect his status and that he would remain at CTU and then Doyle revealed his religious knowledge about life to Nadia. Karen called Bill and explained what happened in the cabinet meeting and Bill tried to explain that everything will work out. Jack setup Gredenko to make the phone call to Fayed and told him that if he informed Fayed of the situation, he would kill him. Fayed told Gredenko where to meet and not to be late. Karen, Sandra and President Palmer put their statements on paper to submit to the Supreme Court. Daniels was trying to figure out his statement and he realized that he didn’t have a chance. However, his aid told him that there was a way around the facts and to give Daniels the upper hand. His aid said she was going to lie the Supreme Court so that Daniels could do what is right for the country and Daniels agreed. Fayed handed off the bombs to one of his men. Tom asked to meet with the Vice President alone and Tom informed him that he recorded his conversation with his aid. Tom told the Vice President that he is to call the Supreme Court and withdraw his statement and drop the case.

While Karen was talking with Wayne, Sandra came in to inform them that the case has been dropped. After Sandra and Karen left, Wayne asked his doctor to talk with him. CTU injected a dye into Gredenko’s arm so they would be able to track him for up to 11 hours. Gredenko started walking to the drop location and he heard a cell phone ring however there was no one there. When he hung up, he recieved a text message telling to which building to go to. CTU tracked Gredenko into the building but they didn’t move in yet. Fayed’s men grabbed Gredenko and brought him into the building. Gredenko stopped Fayed from speaking until he unplugged his audio from CTU. Gredenko told Fayed that if they wanted to get out alive, Fayed would need to listen to him. Jack went into the room where Gredenko’s tracker was but no one was there. Jack looked around and found that Gredenko cut off his arm. Jack wanted to lock down a perimeter and that Fayed remain alive.

Fayed’s men started shooting at Jack while Gredenko and Fayed escaped into a bar. Gredenko turned on Fayed and told everyone in the bar that he was a terrorist. The people in the bar started to attack Fayed all at once kicking and punching him. Jack came in shooting making everyone leave the bar immediately. Jack informed CTU that he had Fayed in custody and to send medical for the shot civilian. President Palmer told his doctor to give him another shot of Adreneline for the good of the country. Bill called President Palmer to explain the new developments with the aprehension of Fayed. Gredenko while trying to escape collapses at the edge of the water under a dock. Tom and Karen straightened out their bad feelings and they need to be able to co-exist. Tom recieved a phone call stating that President Palmer approved the nuclear strike. Running out to talk the President out of his decision, President Palmer started to back up his decision when he was informed that the launch of the nuclear weapon was successful.

Next Week: 10pm – 11pm

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