Apr 03 2007

Holy Week: Tuesday

Holy Tuesday

On Holy Tuesday, the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Maidens is recalled (Matthew 25:1-13). Ten maidens waited for their bridegroom. (In the custom of that time and place, the bridegroom would fetch the bride from her parents’ home to bring her to his own.

Five of the women foolishly took their lamps with no extra oil and when the bridegroom was delayed, could not go out and meet him. The wise maidens went prepared and joined him in the marriage feast.

Similarly, we pray and wait, spiritually prepared to receive Christ while recognizing that we are all sinners. In humility we ask that the Lord show us His compassion.

We sing:

“Save me, O God, from the multitude of my sins, and render me worthy of Thy Holy Kingdom.”

Today’s Prayer
For hymns rise up and chants are sung
when the Lord in his kindness rewards the bad servant
with goodness.
When he grants rest in the royal palace to one
who should be imprisoned.
When he seats on the tufts of the sumptuous throne
one who belongs in the dust bin.
When he lifts toward the heights of happiness
the eyes of one expecting them gouged.
When he places the ring of royalty on the hand
of him who expects his fingers cut off.
When he draws into his comforting embrace
one expecting lashes of a whip.
When in plain view of all he rescues
someone poised for destruction.
When he bestows glory as well as life
to him waiting for death?s devastation.
When he decorates with laurels
the head of one expecting beheading.
These are the blessed fruits of your magnificent vine,
compassionate Lord. This is the living harvest
of your creative commandments.
These are the yearning thoughts inspired by
fervor for you.
These are the rays of light of your
all-encompassing radiance.
This is the pleasurable taste of your glorious sweetness.

Today’s Scripture (Reading)

Mark 12:13-44
Genesis 6:9-9:17
Isaiah 40:9-17
Matthew 24:1-26:2

Daily Prayer and Scripture taken from the Armenian Church website

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