Apr 09 2007

24 Day 6: 10pm – 11pm

The missile that was launched was by President Palmer is on route and entering the target’s airspace. Tom tried to convince him to cancel the nuclear weapon strike. Karen called Bill to try and get information to give to the President however, there was nothing that CTU had to give. Fayed’s government found out about the strike and called Palmer to ask him to abort the attack. The Ambassador explained that there was a new development with the situation with Fayed. A General Habib was behind the attacks and he is being interrogated by their government. The President decided to cancel the bomb after he yelled at the Ambassador for knowing about the General without informing the US. The President ended up bluffing the Ambassador by launching a unarmed nuclear weapon and it worked. Jack was roughing up Fayed trying to get information from him but nothing was working. Bill told Jack to transport Fayed to CTU where Burke would be waiting to interrogate him more.

President Palmer was given the information they had on Habib and Tom apologized for not trusting the President. Wayne told Tom that he knew there was details that was being hidden from him about Vice President Daniels. Jack and Doyle were transporting Fayed when they were hit by an armored truck and flipped over. Men attacked their vehicle trying to get Fayed but Jack and Doyle tried to protect their prisoner. The men took Fayed into the truck and drove off. As soon as the truck turned, CTU vehicles approached and Jack and Doyle sat up and started to follow them. It was a plan that would allow them to follow Fayed with him thinking that he was rescued by men loyal to him and Habib. The men that took Fayed were CTU agents poising as terrorists. Fayed requested a gun and they complied. Fayed asked to speak with General Habib to make sure that this was a plan that he ordered. Bill called the White House to explain the situation.

Bill told the President about what they planned and asked him to convince the Ambassador to get Habib to call Fayed. The President couldn’t promise anything, but he would try and work on it. The President almost collapsed as he was going to meet with the Ambassador. Palmer explained what he needs from him so that he would keep the CTU agents undercover. The President told the Ambassador that if the General doesn’t comply with his wishes, than they should kill the Habib’s family. Fayed told the men to pull over and wait for Habib to call. Fayed tried to catch the agents in a lie but the General called to talk with Fayed. The General told Fayed that they are working for me and that he needs to get the bombs and prepare them. The General told Fayed to call him back on that number and he will have the target ready. Bill said he was going to call the White House to inform them of the status. Karen asked if the President was feeling alright right before Tom walked in with the news from CTU. Right as the Ambassador left the room, President Palmer collapsed.

Nadia told Bill that the General might have been giving Fayed a code that he was speaking under duress. Bill and Nadia told Jack of the situation and he called Jamal to inform him that Fayed may know that he is being setup. As Jack was talking with him, the audio and video was cut off. Jack found the truck stopped in a tunnel and went in to engage. All of the men inside were dead and Fayed was missing. Jack tried to find out if he left the other side of the tunnel but found a door that was half open. He found Fayed stealing the keys and cell phone from a man he killed so that he could get to the safe house. Jack crawled underneath and grabbed onto the undercarriage of the truck. Jack tried to tell Bill where he was headed but they were unable to hear him. Bill told Chloe to backtrack the satellite feed to find out where Jack was.

President Palmer’s doctor wanted to move him down to medical but Wayne rejected his order and decided to go back to work. His doctor asked Tom to try and talk some sense into him. Wayne told Tom to get an update from CTU. The truck pulled into the safe house and Fayed told his men to load the suitcase nukes into the truck because they are going to end this and hit Downtown LA. Jack took out one of his men and followed Fayed into the building. Once Jack realized that the nukes were sitting there, he started shooting the men. Jack was able to take out everyone except for Fayed who he attacked once he ran out of bullets. Fayed and Jack were fighting each other trying to take the other out. Finally Jack wrapped a chain around Fayed’s neck and hoisted it up strangling him. Doyle and other CTU agents came in behind and controlled the situation and securing the nuclear weapons. As Jack was about to leave, he got a call from Audrey who Jack thought was dead apparently was captured by the Chinese. Cheng Zhi (Director of Security for the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate) told him to call back on a specific number in 10 minutes if he wants her to stay alive.

Next Week: 11pm – 12am

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