Apr 12 2007

Meg Allison Is The “Missing Piece”

Meg AllisonOn Monday night, PACE brought singer/songwriter Meg Allison who was on USA’s Nashville Star. When PACE went to NACA in November, we were able to look at many different bands and artists that we could bring to Plymouth State while keeping a diverse set of genres. Meg Allison, who is a country artist, was absolutely amazing when we saw her perform on stage at the conference and I looked to my board members and we agreed that we needed to book her for PSU.

She not only has an amazing voice and is very beautiful, but she is truly a great person to talk with. After she performed, Heather (PACE Board Member) and I took her downtown to get dessert at the Lucky Dog and we got to know her outside of her performance. She took an interest in what we focused on in school and what it was like to be in New Hampshire and have it still be snowing in April. We were not only able to find out details about what her tour dates were like and where she would be playing but what she did on her times off and what she enjoys doing. Heather and I had a wonderful conversation with Meg and I really hope she enjoyed playing for the students at Plymouth State.

Meg Allison and other artists that tour the college circuit are amazing people and they really enjoy playing for students, however when we book these events, many people are oblivious to the banners and other advertisements that are placed all over campus. It would be great if more students support the college circuit because it is that recognition that get an artist noticed.

Here is a video of one of her songs, Enjoy

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