Apr 14 2007

Today In History: Turks Invade Armenia

Today in History 1915, The Turks invaded Armenia

Turks 1915

More will come about the outcome in 10 days for the 92nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

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  1. Vasken

    THERE IS NO ARMENI GENOCIDE. There, I beat the Turks to their own game!

  2. Timothy Haroutunian

    Thank you for making that statement because I know that there are going to be Turkish people telling me that in a few days.


    hepinizin ALLAH belasını versin in?allah ALLAH size öyle bir bela versin ki kendi derdinizle ugrasın serefsiz düzenbazlar


    geri zekalılar

  5. Salomon Ertan

    I live in Turkey and I need objective answers to:

    What was Armenian population in the areas that Armenians claimed theirs?
    Who is responsible for ‘first blood’?
    Why did Armenians got armed and rebelled against their own country?
    Did the Armenians fight in Russian and French armies against their own country?
    In Turkey, diaspora Armenian means back-stabber, don’t you think they will do the same to the US?
    Don’t you think USA, UK, French and Armenians need to open their government archieves like Turkey?
    What is ‘genocide’? Can you say genocide while a lot of other Armenians were fighting in Ottoman Army?
    Do you know the population of Armenians in Turkey in 1925, in 1945, in 1975 and today?
    Isn’t it obvious that religious nationalism caused this war and it was costly for both sides because they were living woven for centuries?
    Don’t you think the diaspora Armenians should stop century long backstabbing and move back to Turkey?
    Is genocide a historical event or a political leverage instrument? Diaspora Armenians get smart!
    In Turkey, we believe diaspora Armenians are still a leverage instrument against this land and its people?
    Why nobody asks if what did the Armenians do for all that tragedy? Were Armenians fully innocent?

    Best Regards

  6. JOODD



  7. iwan

    Listen Mr, turkey!!! How long does the turkeys republiek exsist.???????? 600 years ?? And how long Armenia exists. Well mr turkey Armenia exists 3000 years . !!!!!!!!
    And where do you turks come from ?? North west china !! istanbul is that turkish ????? You stole it from the greeks.

  8. pso

    well mr iwan if were going to talk about who had what land first then nobody can claim any right over any land can they

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