Apr 16 2007

24 Day 6: 11pm – 12am

Doyle thanked Jack for all that he has done and then Jack went into an alley to call Cheng Zhi. He requested that Jack retrieve a component from the bombs in exchange for Audrey. Jack told Audrey not to be scared and that he was going to get her out of it and Cheng Zhi gave Jack 1 hour to get the component. Tom told President Palmer the information that he had on Vice President Daniels right as Karen informed them of the update on the bomb situation. Jack called Chloe and explained to her what he was ordered to do and he needed her help. Chloe said that she may have a way to get him the schematic that he asked for but it was on Morris’s computer. She started to upload the file to his PDA when Morris got out of his meeting and headed back to his desk. Jack received the file right before Morris got to his computer.

President Palmer was looking at a picture of the late President David Palmer when the Vice President showed up in the oval office for a meeting. Wayne told Daniels that there was no way that they could work together anymore and asked for his resignation. Morris thought someone hacked into his system but Chloe informed him that it was her. Morris did not feel comfortable about what Chloe did and was going to tell Bill but Chloe decided to tell Bill herself. Jack thought that the easiest way to get the circuit board removed from the bombs was to tell the soldiers guarding the bombs that he was under Presidential orders to remove it. Doyle got to Jack before he was able to get away with the circuits and one of the soldier knocked Jack out and put him under arrest.

Jack woke up with handcuffs on and Bill asked to speak with him. Bill wouldn’t let Jack go through with the trade even though they are Audrey’s only chance to survive. Jack put a call into President Palmer so that he could authorize a field operation. Jack gave the President his word that the device would be destroyed even if it means killing himself to protect the government. President Palmer authorized the operation and requested that a tracker be attached so that there would be a verification that the circuit did not end up in the wrong hands.

Doyle took the handcuffs off of Jack and then Jack asked Doyle to lead the extraction. Doyle called Nadia to get the tracker working and then Jack called Cheng Zhi to get directions. Jack explained to Doyle that Audrey served this country with honor and that the government owes her. VP Daniels met with his Chief of Staff to tell her that he is resigning and told her about the recording. Daniels had prepared the resignation and said that it was going to be in the President’s hand by the time he ended his press conference. Palmer started his press conference to let the American people how the country needs to heal. While taking questions from the press, he started to stumble over his words and proceeded to fall to the ground. Daniels took his resignation and placed it back into his pocket.

The doctor told the President’s staff that all signs pointed to a Cerebral Hemorrhage and that Wayne may not be able to fulfill his duties as Commander in Chief. The Vice President asked Karen to explain the operation that the President authorized. Daniels was against the operation and dismissed Karen and Tom from the oval office. Karen called Bill to tell him that Daniels’ decision was to abort the mission. Bill called Doyle and gave him orders to change their course without letting Jack know. Jack pulled a gun on Doyle and told him to pull over. He asked for the Doyle’s keys and phone and made him get out of the truck and grab the fence. Jack took off down the road disregarding the orders from the White House.

Next Week: 12am – 1am

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