Apr 23 2007

24 Day 6: 12am – 1am

Doyle flags down a car and pulls the “Federal Agent in Pursuit” routine and steals his car. Doyle called Bill and lets him know of situation. Bill tells Chloe that he needs her help with this pursuit. CTU loses the signal following Jack after he separates it and makes it blend in with the power lines. The Press Secretary explains Palmer’s condition. Daniels asks to meet with Tom so that he knew where Tom stood with him as President. Tom spoke his mind but was upset at the way everything happened. Jack called Zhi with the location to meet him since CTU is tracking him and they started to move Audrey.

Daniels approved Tom’s idea to increase departments working on it and then they left. Daniels and his chief of staff start to kiss and she tells him she is going home to get a change of clothes. Bill informs Doyle of the stakes if they don’t find Jack and they figure out where he is headed. Chloe and Morris got into an argument about nothing and Milo broke them up and then Chloe sent files to his system and help. In the heat of the fight, Chloe told Morris not to arm any nuclear weapons and before she could apologize, Morris left the area. Karen met with Peter and told her that he has information that implicates her and Bill. He showed a video with Reed that proved that Karen and Bill had let Fayed go. Karen had to explain to Peter why they let Fayed go. Peter told her that someone will pay and that it can’t be her and that she should fire Bill.

Jack pulls into the location where he is going to meet Zhi and assessed the area and the building and placed a bomb in the barn. Karen called Bill to let her know that they need to talk. Karen tells Tom about what Peter told her and Tom makes her fire Bill because Bill is done but she still has a job. Jack calls Bill to tell him the plan that he is going through with and that he is going to blow it up in the bomb and then Jack says bye to Bill. (sad friend tone)

Morris meets with Bill and requests a transfer and then he called Karen back. After arguing for a few minutes, Bill asked if she wants him to resign and she told him that he is fired. Karen told him that she loves him and thats all that matters and he hung up the phone. Nadia told Bill that Doyle found Jack’s car and was going to check it out. He also told her that he is stepping down and that she was in charge. Security escorted Bill out of the building and Nadia told all of CTU that she was now Director of CTU.

Doyle worked around the building and saw a limo driving up. Zhi got out of the limo and headed into the building. Jack made it clear that he is to see Audrey before the trade was going down. Jack said that he was going to give the chip to him as soon as Audrey was out of the range of the sniper. Jack through him the chip and then Doyle fired his gun and Zhi shot jack in the chest and left in Hummers then the CTU airplane was hit by a rocket and went to the ground. Jack got up and took out three guards at the door right as CTU came in. Doyle informed Nadia that they don’t have Zhi and she told Doyle to place Jack under custody. Audrey did not know who Jack was when they brought her in. The episode ended with Jack saying, “Oh! My God”.

Next Week: 1am – 2am

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