Apr 26 2007

Boy Jailed Over Daylight Savings Time

This is not the kid who got arrested, this is Flava Flav
Flava FlavA 15 year old boy was arrested because George Bush decided to make Daylight Savings Time three weeks earlier this year. The boy called his school hotline an hour before a non-related bomb threat was called in. After the bomb threat was over, the school checked their caller ID to see if they could establish a connection and they pulled up his number. However, the school forgot to change their clocks and the boy was thrown in jail for 12 days until the situation was resolved. During that time, he tried to tell them it wasn’t him, but the principal would not listen because she figured he was lying since he was a criminal.

I wonder what would happen to the principal and the school for making such a horrible mistake. however, all charges have been dropped on the boy.


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