Apr 30 2007

24 Day 6: 1am – 2am

Jack confirmed that there was no more C4 in the building and that it was clean. Doyle asked Audrey if she knew of the location where she was being kept. She didn’t respond for a while and then stated, “Help me Jack, please don’t let them do this to me”. Nadia wanted to talk with Morris about his transfer request and denied it. Mike called Nadia to tell her what Jack’s plan was and that he screwed up by attacking. Also Doyle thought Audrey had PTSD and Nadia blamed Jack for what happened. Mike took Audrey to CTU and Jack told Mike that he is the only one that can help Audrey because he went through the same torture but Doyle sent him back to CTU under arrest. Karen told Daniels about what their options were at this point, but as she was leaving he told her that he is glad that she is working there and her scarifies. Daniels asked Tom and Karen to be part of a tele-conference with the Russian President. Daniels’ Chief of Staff Lisa Miller went into a hotel room where the guy she was sleeping with was waiting for her. The Russian President told Daniels that he knows about the chip and that it is in the hands of the Chinese government. The Russian President told Daniels that if they do not intercept the Chinese and get the chip back, the Russians would attack their base camps in Central Asia and this situation has expanded to more than just a regional conflict. Cheng uploaded the chip to their computers and they realized that the chip was damaged and that they would need to find someone who could fix the chip.

Lisa needed to head back to be with the Vice President and while she was in the shower, the guy she was with took her phone and downloaded information to his and then made a phone call. Morris and Chloe tried to talk things out but Morris couldn’t get over what she said and he ended their relationship. Karen called Nadia to tell her about the investigation and how important it is to get the chip back. Dr Bradley, a specialist, went to evaluate Audrey and figure out what she knows. The doctor told Nadia and Doyle that they are going to shock her to snap her out of her mindset.

Lisa got a phone call from VP Daniels to tell her that there is a crisis and she needs to go back to the White House. While she was on her way, Tom told Daniels that Lisa was involved in the leak and that there was evidence against her. Daniels told Tom that he was also sleeping with her and that it made the situation worse. Doyle went to talk to Jack and tell him why he can’t see her. Doyle took the handcuffs off Jack and told him to do something about the situation and as he turned around, Jack took him out along with the guard. Jack went straight for the doctor and took Audrey out of the room. The doctor pulled the fire alarm and Milo told Nadia that it was her fault.

Morris was trying to locate Jack and he said it would take a little bit. Nadia confronted Doyle about her suspicions and then Morris found Jack. Jack took Audrey down to the lower level and tried to get her to speak by giving her information about herself and what happened to her then Jack gave her a hug and she grabbed his hand. They opened the door and Jack wouldn’t let them take Audrey, but she spoke and told them balloon field. Jack and Audrey were taken to another location.

Tom got off the phone with a General who informed them of the Russian military when Lisa walked in and there was an awkward silence. Tom left the room and Daniels told Lisa that he knows about her and the terrorist and that they were sleeping together. Daniels told her that it is treason and that she has betrayed her country and walked out. Nadia checked in on Audrey as her father, Secretary of Defense Heller, showed up to take her away. Doyle may have found the location to where they were keeping Audrey and he was headed there with a team. Heller went to go visit Jack to tell him that he was no longer allowed to see her. Heller told Jack that he was cursed and that everything that he goes near ends up dead.

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Timothy Haroutunian is a ServiceNow Cloud Implementation Specialist at Acorio. ServiceNow is an IT Management solution that allows for a complete view of your IT and physical environment.

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