May 04 2007

Keene State College Student Tragedy

Only about 20 days after the Virginia Tech shootings, Keene State College in New Hampshire (Plymouth State’s sister school) had their own tragedy.

Here is the press release from Keene’s website:

Student Shoots Roommate, Kills Self in Off-Campus Incident
KSC student Jason Lillibridge was wounded in his 28 Willow Street apartment just before 1 a.m. today, May 4. When Keene police responded, they located the alleged shooter, KSC student Michael Dyke, who then killed himself. Reports indicate that the shooting and suicide were an isolated incident. As a campus, we mourn the death of Michael Dyke and hope for the rapid recovery of Jason Lillibridge. Counseling is available to all students at the Counseling Center. All campus events, including final exams today and commencement on Sunday, will take place as scheduled. The police investigation is continuing, and more information will be posted here as soon as it is available.

I don’t know what is wrong lately, but everyone wants to be infamous and kill people. I know that college can be very stressful and can make you very upset, but there is no need to shoot your roommate, kill random students around the school or beat someone to death.

My prayers go out to those who knew Jason Lillibridge in hopes that he will recover and also to Michael Dyke who felt that this was his only way out. To all Plymouth State University students, I hope that everyone stays safe this weekend because you have your whole lives to live and it should not end so soon.

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