May 07 2007

24 Day 6: 2am – 3am

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Secretary Heller wanted a restraining order filed against Jack and then Jack tried talking Nadia into letting him go on the mission but she refused. Milo asked Chloe what was wrong with her and Morris responded by telling him that they broke up and to stay out of it. Nadia informed the attack team of the situation and their mission. Cheng talked with his men and told him that they will attack their target in 15 minutes.

Josh was watching TV and was upset that his father was involved in the killing of 12,000 people. Marylin told him to get some sleep and then she went to see Chloe and she told Marilyn about Audrey was still alive. Lisa had to call the spy and go visit him to make him think that they had the chip back to stop the military strike from the Russians. Lisa had trouble being with him again and Daniels said that she had no problem lying to him. Marylin went to talk to Jack to see if he was alright with Audrey but Jack told her to drop it. Marylin said that her and Josh will be leaving in the morning and Chloe escorted her out but Jack asked to be informed of the status with Doyle. Cheng was preparing for his attack and his man told him that people are going to die on this mission and Cheng told him to do what was necessary. Doyle and his team went into the building where they believed that Cheng was, but all they found was C4, ammo and grenades. Cheng’s team went into the sewers which would take them to their target. Doyle told Nadia that no one was there and it looks like they are planning an assault. Cheng said that it would drop them right under CTU and the attack point.

Morris and Chloe talked about their breakup and how Morris was upset with what he did. Tom set Lisa up to meet with the spy for the Russians and hopefully she can convince him that everything is alright. As she was about to freshen up, he pulled her back and told her to relax. He questioned her about why she was so stressed when the crisis was diverted and she agreed and he took off her shirt and threw her on the bed.

Cheng’s team set the charges to attack CTU while they accessed their system. Milo and Nadia talked about their feelings again to figure out if Nadia really loved Milo. Chloe found a satellite feed and Nadia told her to widen the perimeters when they lost everything. Cheng’s team infiltrated CTU and starting killing the guards. Nadia locked down CTU Code Red. They moved the agents to the floor and held them hostage. Jack was let out of holding and started to kill the Chinese while he headed towards the main floor. The team leader asked who was in charge and as Nadia was about to get up, Milo stood and said that he was acting director of CTU. The Chinese leader told him to come closer and then shot him in the head.

Jack made it to the main floor and then turned around. Two Chinese men went after Josh and as they were moving him, Jack killed them. Jack sent Josh through the air duct and then the men came in and stopped Jack and Marylin from escaping. Doyle called CTU again and the leader told Nadia to stand and answer him. Nadia told Doyle that there was a problem with comm and everything is fine. The team leader got on the PA and told Josh that if he didn’t show himself that his mother would die. Josh left the vents and they took Josh to the leader. Cheng called Phillip Bauer and told him that he had his grandson and asked if he had finished with the circuit. Phillip told Cheng that he would meet him at the location discussed and that he wants to talk with Josh as soon as he can.

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