May 14 2007

24 Day 6: 3am – 4am

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Morris covered up Milo’s head with a blanket and then they took Josh into another room. Marilyn was very upset and Jack tried to calm her down. They took Josh through the tunnels away from CTU. They took everyone from CTU and put them into two groups and Jack sent Marilyn to the front of the group. Jack started to talk with Nadia to figure out how to get out of the situation. Jack punched out one of the guys who was holding them and then took a gun and killed another. Nadia and Morris took out the others, but as the final man was about to take out Nadia, Doyle came in and killed him. Jack told Nadia that he can find the men and Josh but he needs to go after them. Nadia agreed but put Doyle in charge. Jack took Doyle and a team into the tunnels to follow the men who took Josh.

Cheng called Philip to inform him that he had the boy and Philip told Cheng that he wanted to talk to Josh. Philip told Josh that he wants to move him to China to get him away from everything in the US. Cheng took Josh in a car and Jack found them and started shooting. He was able to shoot the driver and stop the car, but they got out and took Josh by foot. Jack followed Cheng to the roof killing his men in the process. Josh was hanging from a chain and Jack choose to save Josh rather than taking Cheng out. Josh told Jack that he talked with his grandfather and about his plan. Jack told Doyle that he was going to figure out why his father is still involved.

Karen came in to talk with Vice President Daniels and asked where Tom was and Daniels told Karen about his operation that he is involved with. Daniels told Karen that he is sorry about keeping her in the dark about Lisa Miller and that he was romantically involved. Tom out on his mission had to listen while Lisa and the Russian had their time together and he was happy when they were done. Lisa went into the other room and the Russian went towards her PDA to get the intelligence to send to his government. As he was about to upload the information, he put the PDA away and poured a glass of wine for them to enjoy. The Russian was able to sense that she was lying, grabbed her and started to strangle her. Tom took the Russian (Bishop) into the other room and explained to him the situation and what he is going to do. Cheng called Philip and told him that he lost Josh to CTU and Jack, but Philip didn’t care and told Cheng that the deal is over. Cheng said that he still has the chip and the consequences would be serious but Philip turned the conversation around stating there would be problems for him if Cheng tries to threaten him again.

Nadia asked Chloe if they found the chip and Chloe said she will look. A man from division arrived and stated he was going to be investigating CTU since they lost many key personal. Morris told Nadia that she was not responsible for what happened during the attack even though she blames herself because she hesitated. Morris told her that Milo would want her to stay strong and in charge. Tom called VP Daniels to tell him that he needs to call the Russian President and explain about the chip. Tom also told him about Lisa and that she was injured during the attack. Jack called CTU to have them connect him with Marilyn to explain why they took Josh and how his father was involved. Josh told his mother that Jack saved him and that he loves her. Daniels started talking with the Russian President and told him that the circuit was destroyed. The President informed the VP that he had his agent under surveillance and he knows about the attack on his apartment and the fake information he asked the agent to send. The president also told Daniels that if he doesn’t recover or destroy the chip in 2 hours, they will attack military camps run by the US. Daniels told Karen that the US is going to war over a piece of circuitry.

Daniels told the cabinet about his conversation with the Russian President and Tom walked in with a call from Philip Bauer. Philip told VP Daniels that he wants Josh and a safe passage to a country of his choosing. He also proved that he has the circuit and is willing to give the circuit back if he gets what he wants. Karen, Tom and Daniels talked about scenarios with the situation and Daniels asked to speak with CTU. Jack was about to take Josh back to CTU when he got a phone call to distract him while Doyle took Josh onto the helicopter as agents held him down.

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