May 21 2007

24 Day 6: 4am – 5am/5am – 6am (Season Finale)

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Josh asked Doyle where he was taking him and Doyle explained to Josh what their plan is and how they are going to get him back after the mission is complete. Doyle placed a tracking device in Josh’s arm so they can track him. Jack was placed into temporary custody so they could complete their objective without his interference. Jack called Chloe to convince her that his father is going to have a better plan than the one CTU is using and asked Chloe to talk with Karen. Karen talked with Jack and he told her that the Vice President needs to change his plans, but Karen didn’t have the authority to do anything. Karen called Bill to get his advice on the situation even though he is upset with her for firing him. Karen told Bill that he needs to do something that will stop the exchange from happening. Doyle and Josh landed and Doyle went to check out the area before bringing Josh out of the chopper. Philip called Doyle to make CTU turn off the satellite feed and send away the chopper before the conversation continued. Philip asked to talk with Josh and told him that he needs to take him to China to give him what he needs.

Doyle asked Chloe how to verify if the chip was real and Chloe explained to him the process. Karen asked Nadia the status of the the mission and also to be able to see the deployment grid of Jack. Marylin was flipping out wanting to talk with Josh and Nadia had her escorted to holding. Jack was being taken to district when they were run off the road by Bill. Bill told the agent to release Jack to him and he didn’t comply. Jack knocked out both agents and Bill helped him escape.

Stewart, Milo’s brother, showed up at CTU to claim his body. Karen lost the connection she had with CTU’s network and called Bill to tell him that she has been spotted and then two men showed up to arrest Karen. Nadia went to meet Stewart and explained to him that he died protecting her when Chloe called Nadia to tell her that Jack escaped. Josh told Doyle that his grandfather was crazy and to let him go, but Doyle told him that his country needs him to do this. Nadia told Doyle that Jack was on his way to get Josh and stop the mission.

VP Daniels went to see Karen who was in holding to find out why she went behind his back. Karen told Daniels why she did what she did and Daniels told her that Bill and her will go down hard for what she did and that the Russians will attack a US base. Philip called Doyle to have him take Josh down to the water where a speedboat was coming ashore. The men came closer to Doyle and he asked to verify the chip before he would release Josh. As Doyle was about to verify the chip, the component exploded and they took Josh. Jack got there right as the they took Josh away. They disabled the tracker that they put in Josh and the satellite was not in place so they could track the boat.

Tom updated VP Daniels on the situation and admitted that he was wrong about everything that he did that day and then Daniels asked for real time updates on CTU’s progress. Jack asked to get the names of every oil rig in the area since his father owned many rigs up and down the coast. Philip told Cheng that he will get the chip as soon as Josh is delivered. Chloe was looking for a match but was having trouble staying awake because she was so tired and as she was talking with Morris she collapsed.

Josh was brought to the rig where Philip was located and Cheng told Philip that the submarine was on schedule. The doctor told Morris that Chloe was fine and just overtired and dehydrated. Chloe told Morris to find Philip and that she will be fine. Nadia told Morris that Jack was right about his father with regards to the oil rigs. CTU figured out which rig Philip at and that Nadia was going to contact Tom with the information. One of the Vice President’s men told him that an air attack would be the best option and to take out everyone on it. Nadia told Jack that the navy is going to bomb the platform and Jack is going to go after his father and hope that he can get Josh off before he is killed. Bill decided to go with Jack in the chopper that Jack took.

The Russian President called Daniels to get an update and after discussing the mission with him, the Russian President agreed to wait until after the strike. Nadia told Jack that he has less than 20 minutes before the strike happens, but she agreed to give him help to retrieve the chip. Cheng told Philip that there is a helicopter approaching and Cheng gave the chip to Philip to hold onto. Jack had Bill land the chopper on the pad after he took out the men. Jack went to go look for Josh to make sure he wasn’t on the platform.

Philip started to take Josh off the rig but he fought back and Philip pushed him against the wall. The navy was about 4 minutes away from the rig. Josh took a wrench and knocked his grandfather down and grabbed his gun. Josh told Philip that he wasn’t going with him and then shot him in the chest. Jack showed up and told Josh to lower his gun and then Jack took the gun away. Jack told Philip that he is going to pay for what he did and took off towards the chopper. The Vice President authorized the strike to take place and they fired the missiles. They picked up Jack just as the missiles hit its target and the chopper got away from the area. The Russian President verified that the target was destroyed and that he will order the evacuation of his troops. Jack fell off the chopper into the water right by the coast and swam onto the beach because he wasn’t ready to go back to CTU yet.

Tom told Daniels that Karen and Bill should be able to resign with their dignity intact and Tom also gave the VP the recording. Morris visited with Chloe and updated her on everything that happened. Chloe also told Morris that the reason that she collapsed was because she was pregnant. Tom told Karen that she was free to go but they were both expected to resign from their posts. Bill brought Josh back to CTU along with Cheng where he was to be held in custody. Jack went to Secretary of Defense Heller’s house to deal with the the earlier situation between the two. Jack yelled at him as to why he didn’t try to get him out of China. Jack told Heller that the only reason that he is upset with him is because Audrey went to China to find Jack. Jack also told him that he is going to disappear with Audrey and Heller told him that he doesn’t want Audrey to pay like his wife did. (killed Season 1) Heller brought Jack to see Audrey and he told her that the only way to protect her is to let her go. Jack kissed her goodbye and said that he will always love her. He walked out of the house and stood on the edge of the cliff looking out at the water.

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