Jun 01 2007

Red Sox vs. Yankees – June 1, 2007

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Starting the series, the Red Sox are up 13 1/2 games over the Yankees and 10 games ahead of the Orioles. It has been an amazing season so far this year and my hope is that it continues throughout the season.

In the first inning, Tim Wakefield who has struggled against the Yankees, had a 1,2,3 inning with only a handful of pitches thrown. In the bottom of the inning, the Red Sox had the bases loaded but Mike Lowell grounded out to Jeter to end the inning.

The second inning didn’t go very well when Wakefield gave up a 2 run home run to Robinson Cano also scoring A-Rod. Then a double by Abreau and back to back walks to load the bases with 1 out. Wakefield walked in a run making it 3-0 Yankees and then they grounded into a DP to end the half of the inning. Coco Crisp started the bottom of the inning with a base hit to right field. Dustin Pedroia then hit a double putting runners on second and third. Lugo made a sacrifice hit to score Crisp and putting Pedroia on third making it 3-1. After fouling off many pitches and a close strike three call, they walked Youk to make way for Big Papi who sent a line drive into the outfield bringing home Pedroia making the score 3-2. Manny hit the ball to load the bases with two outs. JD Drew popped out to third to end the inning, but were able to pick up two runs making it 3-2.

The third inning was very quick for the Yankees bats because after a quick first out, A-Rod stepped to the plate. He hit the ball to left field off the monster and because he thinks he is amazing, he tried to take two and Manny threw him out at second base. Finally Posada struck out against Wakefield to end the inning. The bottom started with Lowell getting hit by the pitch to his hand. Coco Crisp grounded to Cano, but they were only able to get the lead runner Lowell at second. Crisp stole second for his 11th of the year. With runners on first and third, Pedroia doubled into the left field corner and put runners on second and third with 1 out making the score 3-3. Lugo grounded to third and Mirabelli got caught in a run down for the second out and then Youk grounded out ending the inning.

The fourth inning started by Wakefield loading the bases with no outs, then he had a wild pitch, a base hit and a passed ball to bring in three runs making it 6-3. After getting two outs and another walk bringing his total walks to 6, Francona came out and relieved him to bring in Kyle Snider. Snider hits A-Rod to load the bases for the Yankees and Posada hit a bases clearing double to make the score 9-3 Yankees but then got the final out to end the half inning even though the damage was done. The Red Sox half started with Ortiz hitting a single up the middle however, Manny grounded into a 6-4-3 DP and then Drew grounded out to end the inning on 8 pitches.

After a few walks and base hits, the Yankees load the bases with two outs and Snider gets pulled to put JC Ramero in as the third pitcher by the Red Sox. Joe Torri got ejected by the third base umpire for arguing over a bad call on a caught stealing play by Abreau. Matsui popped out to JD Drew to end the half. Wang got a 1,2,3 inning in the 5th after 101 pitches so far.

Posada got a hit and then with two outs, there was a passed ball and Posada tried to come home and was tagged out at the plate to end the half. For the Red Sox, Pedroia got a base hit into the outfield but Lugo grounded into the 6-4-3 DP. Youk gets a base hit extending his hitting streak to 23 games and then Wang got taken out to be replaced by Mike Myers to face Ortiz and strikes him out to end the inning.

After two quick outs, Cabrara gets a two out double to continue the inning, but Damon grounds out to end the Yankees half. The Red Sox grounded into a DP and then popped out to end the inning. In the 8th, Pineiro is the new pitcher for the Red Sox. A-Rod strikes out on a foul tip and then the Yankees ground into a DP. The Red Sox go down 1,2,3 in the 8th with Kyle Farnsworth pitching. Going into the 9th, Cano was hit by the pitch and then the Red Sox got three straight outs to end the Yankees half. The Red Sox last ups started with Lugo striking out. Youk at the plate and was hit by the pitch (almost in the face) from Proctor (thrown out immediately) and both benches cleared to deal with the situation. Ron Villone replaced Proctor. Ortiz gets a base hit and Youk goes to third. Mariano Rivera replaces Villone to face Manny. Manny gets a long single to score Youk making it 9-4. Willy Mo Pena hits it back to Rivera and gets an out but Ortiz scores making it 9-5. Eric Hinski grounds out to end the game.

Red Sox lead the Yankees in the division by 12 1/2: Hopefully tomorrow’s game will be better with Curt Shilling pitching against Mike Mussina at 3:55pm on Fox.

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