Jun 09 2007

Certain E-mail Addresses Are Bad For Resumes

In an article by CNN Hip Email Addresses Bad For Resumes, explains how some email addresses are bad to put on resumes.

Some college grads who have had the same email address for years are not willing to change and don’t think that their email address that they had in 9th grade will be fine to put on a resume. However, what they may or may not realize is that employers will judge them based on their email. I have unfortunately had to tell a college graduate that a few months ago because they showed me their resume and I was shocked.

Here is a list of Professional and Non-Professional email addresses.


  • tgharoutunian@somedomain.com
  • timothy@somedomain.com
  • haroutunian@somedomain.com


  • drunkensquirl@somedomain.com
  • HtoTHEhizzy03@somedomain.com
  • ted332152424573@somedomain.com
  • alliecat@somedomain.com
  • bacardigirl@somedomain.com
  • bighotdaddy@somedomain.com
  • foxylady@somedomain.com
  • gigglez217@somedomain.com

‚??Even if you get people who have very unprofessional e-mail names and they get through that initial screening, if it comes down to them and somebody else and credentials are the same, you look at other things,‚?Ě Tamanini told LiveScience. ‚??This person‚??s e-mail is ‘john smith at yahoo,’ and this person‚??s was ‘drunken squirrel.’ Which one am I more likely to pick?‚?Ě

Also even if you are not looking for a job, it just isn’t very good to send emails from non-professional email addresses.

The other part that connects with this is when college students send emails to people in AIM talk using phrases like “lol brb”, “r u goin” and “idk c u soon ttyl”. It is one thing to use it for quick im with friends but other than that, it should not be used.

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