Jun 17 2007

Foxxy News And Sports: Fair, Balanced…..and Hot!

Lauren Anderson
Stacy Fuson

Stacy Fuson (left) and Lauren Anderson (right) are two of the anchors on Foxxy News and Foxxy Sports. They are parodies of Fox News/Sports except they actually have real content. I subscribe to the daily video podcasts which are amazing. Stacy was the Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for February 1999 and is still extremely hot. Lauren was the Playmate of the Month in July, 2002. Most of the anchors on Foxxy News/Sports are Playboy Playmates, Victoria’s Secret models and Maxim cover girls.

The following is Stacy Fuson’s review of the AL East 1/3 of the way through the season. This report was taken about a week ago when the Yankees were even further behind the Red Sox, however it is still good. I love how she first burps before speaking, amazing.

Michelle and Monica spoof PC and Mac ads with Red Sox and Yankees. Monica (Yankees Fan) is a horrible actress and it kind of ruins the video. Michelle (Red Sox fan) is hot and is more of a natural actress.

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