Jun 18 2007

My Trip To Armenia 2001: St. Gregory’s Pit at Khor Virap

One of the greatest places that I visited on my trip was Khor Virap which was the “home” of St. Gregory the illuminator for 13 years as he was imprisoned in a pit by the king for being Christian. I was lucky enough to be able to go into the pit and see for myself what it was like. The church surrounding the pit was amazing and there was a lot of history that dated back thousands of years. I also watched as a sheep was sacrificed behind the church which was a sight that is very spiritual but very sad at the same time, but that is their culture.

Khor Virap Back

Khor Virap Side

The following two pictures were taken from inside the pit.
Gregory's Pit

Khor Virap - Candle in Pit

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  1. lindsey

    my crazyface, the last two photos are amazing.

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