Jul 09 2007

2007 Home Run Derby == Vladimir Guerrero

It is that time of year again for the mid-summer classic and the Home Run Derby (note: last year’s).

In the Home Run Derby this year, Vladimir Guerrero was crowned the big hitter after he beat Alex Rios in the finals. The main reason (in my opinion being a Red Sox Fan) that Vald won was because of David Ortiz. With 3 outs for Vlad in Round 1, Ortiz stopped him, grabbed his bat and threw it aside. Then Ortiz pulled out his bat, kissed the barrel and handed it back to him. So Vlad, you owe that to Ortiz.

The Gold Ball is thrown with 1 out left for hitter in each round. Every Gold Ball Home Run that is hit is worth $17,000 towards the Boys and Girls Club of America.

State Farm Gold Ball Total Amount Donated: $254,000 USD

Player Team Round 1 Round 2 Subtotal Finals Total

Vladimir Guerrero Los Angeles (AL) 5 9 14 3? 20

Alex Ríos Toronto 5 12 17 2 19
Matt Holliday Colorado 5 8 13 ?? 13
Albert Pujols St. Louis 4* 9 13 ?? 13
Justin Morneau Minnesota 4 ?? 4 ?? 4
Prince Fielder Milwaukee 3 ?? 3 ?? 3
Ryan Howard Philadelphia 3 ?? 3 ?? 3
Magglio Ordóñez Detroit 2 ?? 2 ?? 2

* Advanced after defeating Morneau 2-1 in a swing off
? Final home run came with 7 outs

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