Jul 18 2007

Armenians Protest Being Called Arminians

Armenians ProtestingTominthebox News Network which is a religious humor/satire blog wrote about, “Armenians protest being called Arminians”. In Yerevan, Armenians protested on the streets shouting that they were not going to take the abuse anymore. “No more slander!” “Stop the confusion!” and “Speak and write more precisely!”.

Many people have asked me what the heritage is of my family due to my last name and when I responded with Armenian, most have responded with “Where is Arminia?” After clarifying that I am Armenian and not Arminian, they still did not understand what the difference was. It is hard to be upset with someone over a simple mistake, because most people are not stupid, just ignorant. However, when they keep on repeating it over and over, it is hard to overlook their lack of kindness towards others.

For those who still do not understand the difference, “Armenians” are citizens of the sovereign nation of Armenia, while “Arminians” are Christians who follow the teachings of Jacobus Arminius. Arminianism holds to the following beliefs:

  • Humans are naturally unable to make any effort towards salvation
  • Salvation is possible by grace alone
  • Works of human effort cannot cause or contribute to salvation
  • God’s election is conditional on faith in Jesus
  • Jesus’ atonement was for all people
  • God allows his grace to be resisted by those unwilling to believe
  • Salvation can be lost, as continued salvation is conditional upon continued faith

This is 100% different in the Armenian Church and that is why Armenians are protesting against being perceived as such. This protest is not about which country you’re from, but it is a religious incompatibility that the Armenian people will not allow anymore.

The leaders of the church went on to say, “This is far more than just a matter of pronunciation. If it was simply an ‘i’ instead of an ‘e’ matter, we would let it go. However, we as a church and as a nation do not want to be associated with Arminians of the West who believe in such a small god. How could a sinful man freely choose to serve a good God? It makes no sense.” – TNN

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  1. Vasken

    I must point out at this point, of course, that there was NO ARMINI GENOCIDE 🙂

  2. Timothy Haroutunian

    Thank you Vasken for your comment because I didn’t get enough comments like that on my Armenian Genocide post. The Turks still disagree that it happened, but I can’t figure out why! 🙂

  3. Mike

    Attaboy! Way to let them know. I like that! Arminians of the west do have a small god. When are people going to learn that Arminians are following Greek philosophy.

  4. ZAUR-aze

    there wasnt like this genocide armenians always lie ok…. they say that they accepted christian religion first in 301 but… Byblia was translated to armenian language in VI century.hah what a good lying!!!!

  5. Benjamin Tuinstra

    Thank you Tim. I found this post amusing and informative. I’m not sure I would agree 100% with your bullets describing Arminian belief system, but the jury is still out. I always wished there was a clearer distinction between these two words as well. I would like to suggest a solution: from now on, we call the Arminians “Harmenites” because Jacob’s last name was not Arminius, he was Dutch, not Latin. His real name was Harmen.

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