Jul 27 2007

Homeland Security Funds Blinding LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

The Department of Homeland Security is funding the creation an LED flashlight that uses powerful flashes of light to temporarily blind, disorient and incapacitate people. Homeland Security’s Science and Technology arm hopes government agents can use the “light saber” to arrest people on planes and at the borders without using traditional weapons.

This is an interesting attempt at cutting the threat level down, but they didn’t think this one all the way through. Someone mentioned, all the terrorists would need to do is wear welding glasses and the money for this project is down the drain. What happens if they wear reflective clothing or bring mirrors with them.

DHS also wants to use it to subdue crowds using an bigger version of the flashlight, however, there is only one problem with that. What about the people who have seizures and are just standing in the crowd. Not only will it disorient them, but it will cause a seizure from the lights. Some people might not believe that it could cause seizures, but I know from experience because I have a seizure disorder and I have had them from strobe lights before. If I was in a crowd and I had a seizure from one of these lights, I would be suing the government/authorities for causing it. (not me personally, but others might)

This is a very bad idea even though the thought was in the right place, they would need to work on the execution and fine details behind it.

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