Jul 28 2007

My First Skydiving Experience – May 10, 2003

A few years ago, I accomplished a lifelong goal which was to go skydiving. I know to some people that it not a life long goal, but for me it was. If I decide to skydive again, I am going to make sure that I get a DVD of the jump.

After a training session, we were taken into the plane and we flew up to 14,500 feet where they told us to get ready. Since I was jumping tandem, the instructor was attached to me and we would jump together. I was really nervous and told him that I wasn’t sure if I could jump and he told me that we had a problem if that was the issue. He informed me that he doesn’t like to land INSIDE planes. I realized at that moment that I wasn’t going to be landing with wheels on the ground. I looked outside and saw how high up we were and my stomach dropped. He asked me how I wanted to jump and I told him, “A back flip”. He agreed and we got in the position next to the door. He counted 1, 2 and before he got to 3, I was no longer IN a moving object, I was the moving object.

Speaking of moving objects, when a single skydiver is in free fall, they are moving at a speed of 124 mph (200 kph). However, when there are two people in free fall, the speed increases to about 180 mph and that is not safe to be falling at if you are jumping for your first time. Due to the safety risk, after you exit the plane, you pull the “Drogue Parachute” which is about 6ft wide and slows the two people down to the safe 110-120mph.

While sailing down in the open air and the force pushing and pulling on my body, I felt as if I was lying down not going anywhere. (I’m not an expert but) Since air was flowing equally above and below me at terminal velocity, the feeling that results is an amazing rush. When it was time to pull the rip cord at 4500 feet, the instructor let me pull it, but the only problem was that I didn’t realize it wasn’t attached and almost dropped it. It is a strange feeling after your parachute opens because all of a sudden you get jerked up and then after about 2 long minutes, you finally get your stomach out of your throat. ???

In the air floating down, you could see a long ways to the nearest city. However, I do not know which city that was, Portsmouth (NH), Concord (NH) or even Boston (MA) depending on how far I was looking. When I landed on the ground, I was very relived, but sad as well. I would highly suggest going skydiving if you have the chance.

First Skydive

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