Aug 02 2007

Rock Water Slide == A Lot Of Pain (Funny Video)

This was taken about two years ago (Aug 6th) while I was in North Conway, NH for my friends birthday. A group of friends and I went up and we rented a house for the weekend. While we were there, we decided to go to “Diana’s Bath” which is a waterfall located in North Conway.

Everything was great until I thought it would be fun to slide down some rocks that formed a “water slide”. Right as I was about to go down, their was a few kids that were watching with their father. After I hit the bottom, I didn’t want to let the kids think that I was hurt so I pretended everything was fine, but after I turn away I was in a lot of pain. ???

Possibly NSFW due to the use of a “4-letter word”

When I landed, I scraped my entire back and my arm. It was really painful but after a little mini golf and food, I was feeling better.

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