Aug 04 2007

NESN Presents “Sox Appeal”

NESN, New England Sports Network, just debuted their original TV series “Sox Appeal” last Wednesday after the Red Sox Game. Sox Appeal is a show that tries to fix up singles based on a common interest, the Red Sox. The main person will date three individuals for two innings each at Fenway Park. After the 6th inning, they will choose one person to come back in the 9th inning to continue their date.

The first episode featured a guy named Garrett who was a former US Figure Skating Championship. The first girl he dated was Hannah from Fitchburg, MA. She was not really into him that much because he was a figure skater. The second dater was Jenn who was really focused on her career and goals. She didn’t seem to have a problem with his job choice and they had a great time. The final dater was Tabitha who held in a very dark dark secret. She was a YANKEES FAN!! Even though she was so hot, I don’t think that could be overlooked. Her deal breaker in a relationship is bad sex, which is funny to mention on TV. Garrett made his decision to have Jenn back in the 9th inning and they had a great time after the game in Boston.

Watch Sox Appeal on Wednesday’s before or after the Red Sox games (depending on the start time) but it is anywhere from 8-10:30.

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