Aug 05 2007

Verizon FIOS DVR – Trouble Deleting Programs w/Solution

** UPDATE: It turns out that it was a problem with the DVR software. Verizon updated their whole system about 3 days after this problem occurred and I was able to delete. On another note, the new system is pretty sweet.

Today I called up Verizon because my DVR would not delete a certain saved TV show (24). It was very weird because it would delete any other program except for two specific ones. Even when I recorded more episodes of 24, those same two wouldn’t delete but the others would.

After a 40 minute conversation with the tech support they came to the conclusion that I needed a new DVR because the hard drive is possibly failing. The reason they were not positive is because they had never seen this problem before. Since I was the first documented case, they needed to get all the possible information that would help them diagnose the problem.

I was hoping to add the transcript of the phone call which had all of the questions they asked and information they gathered on it, but at the time of this post, they had not posted it yet. However, if you are experiencing this problem, call up Verizon tech support and explain what is happening.

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