Aug 06 2007

My Experience Burning A Yankees Cap (Pictures)

About 5 years ago I was working at Brigham’s Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant when a customer came in wearing a Yankees hat and as he was leaving, he left it behind at his table. Now being the nice people we are, my friend Leanne and I waited until the end of the night, after we closed, so we were sure he wasn’t coming back and we took the hat out back. Since we were right outside of Boston, the Red Sox are more important than, well anything, and bringing in a Yankees cap to a Boston based business is asking for trouble. Leanne and I went out back and took a lighter and lit the cap on fire trying to rid the evil “spirits” that live within the hat. I have had this burned cap in my car for the past 3 years in a clear plastic case. I love to tell the story when someone looks at it asking what it is.

Below are pictures of the hat after it was extinguished.
Burned Yankees Cap

Burned Yankees Cap2

Burned Yankees Cap 3

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