Aug 08 2007

Barry Bonds Passes Hank Aaron On All Time Home Run List

Barry BondsAccording the All-Time Home Run list, Barry Bonds is number 1 after hitting his 756 Career Home Run (now 757). However, Hank Aaron will always be “King” according to me (and others). Even though I was not born when Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth and hit the at that time record of 755, it doesn’t change the facts. The times were completely different when Aaron hit his record. There were not as many home runs hit each season and the game was more about pride than it was about money and being the best. There is another reason that Barry Bonds Home Runs will not be “counted” and that is because of the whole steroids scandal.

So he broke a record that was held for 33 years…he needed an illegal substance to do it and ruin the great game of baseball for his 15 minutes (or so) of fame. When it comes down to the whole record part of the Home Runs, it won’t matter because even though I hate the Yankees, A-Rod is going to break whatever the final number that Barry Bonds hits. The day that Barry Bonds tied Aaron’s record, A-Rod hit his 500th Home Run of his career, at the age of 32 years and about 10 days, which makes him the youngest player to be a part of the 500 club. Barry Bonds just turned 43 years old and was 36 1/2 when he hit his 500th. A-Rod is 4 1/2 years ahead of Bonds’ time line.

This video was take from the game that Bonds hit the record breaking home run and it shows the riot that occurred because of it.

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