Aug 17 2007

Kotayk Lager – Armenian Beer

Kotayk Beer

While I was in Armenia, I had the opportunity to try Kotayk and I was very pleased with it. The medium-bodied pours a dense, dark straw color which offers a mild hop bitterness followed by a slightly crisp hoppy character. If you can get your hands on Kotayk, I would highly recommend it for people who enjoy trying new types of beer. Check out the products page of their website to find out descriptions of the following types of beverages that the Kotayk brewery makes besides the Lager. Here is the list Kotayk bitter, Kotayk Tshani, Kotayk Alcohol free, Erebuni, Kotayk Moscowyan, Kotayk Water, Kotayk Water, Limo Apple, Limo Rapberry, Limo Cream Soda, Limo Estragon, Limo Chocolate, Limo Lemon, Limo Orange, Limo Pear.


The KOTAYK Brewery was built by a Czechoslovak company in 1974 during the Soviet age with a view to satisfying the demand of beer of the Caucasian population. Due to its high production capacity of 500 000 hl, the KOTAYK Brewery supplanted the small breweries from neighborhood by offering to the Armenian, Georgian, Azeri and Russian consumers a high-standard beer produced with the last developments of the Czechoslovak technology in the domain. Since the Armenian independence, this brewery has been affected by the same problems that jeopardized the whole country. In 1996, the owners of the brewery were eventually aware that they would not be able to face alone the lack of funds and the technological deficiency of their company. That was the reason why they looked for a western partner to assist them to face the new challenge of the year 2000. Thanks to its broad international experience, the French group Castel, which had already been very successful in Africa, Russia and Asia, got the bargain because of its know-how. The investment of Castel group (18 million dollars) was one of the first and the most important investments realized in 1997 by a foreign company in Armenia.

Kotayk LagerAWARDS:
Argentina 2003 – ‚??Golden Medal for Quality & Service‚?Ě

New York 2001 – Premium Quality Award

France – 2001 Abovyan Brewery. Gold medal

Moscow – 1999,2001,2002, 2003 Beer “Kotayk”

Madrid 1999 – International Platinum Star For Quality.

Madrid 2000 – Diamond Star For Quality

Yerevan 2001 – Beer “Kotayk”. Gold medal

Yerevan 2003 – ‚?ĚArmprodexpo‚?Ě. “Kotayk”. Gold medal

Yerevan 2002 – ‚?ĚArmprodexpo‚?Ě. Abovyan. Gold medal

Yerevan 1999 – Gold Medal for High Quality

Yerevan 2000 – Beer “Erebuni”. Gold medal

Yerevan 2003 ” – “Moscowyan”. Gold medal

Yerevan 2003‚?Ě – ‚??Limo Rapberry‚??‚??. Gold medal

Yerevan 2003 – ‚??‚??Limo Estragon‚??‚??. Gold medal

Yerevan 2003 – ‚?ĚArmprodexpo‚?Ě. “Erebuni”. Grand Prix

Yerevan 2000 – Beer “Kotayk”. Gold medal

The products of Kotayk Brewery are exported to many countries of the world, such as the United-States, France, Germany, Lebanon, Australia, England as well as to Russian Federation, Turkmenistan and other CIS countries.

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