Aug 18 2007

Ortiz Blasts Grand Slam Against Angels

With the Yankees winning tonight against the Tigers, the Red Sox needed a win to keep their 5 game lead in the AL East. The game started out really bad for the Red Sox who were losing 5-0 going into the bottom of the 5th at Fenway Park. Schilling gave up 5 runs (2 Home Runs) making it difficult for the Sox to come back against a really good starter for the Angels, Jered Weaver. However, you never want to count the Red Sox out of a game no matter how big the deficit.

David Ortiz

Bottom 5th
After Eric Hinske singled, followed a double by Coco Crisp and Alex cora getting HBP, it brought up Lugo who got a 2 RBI single to center field. Score: 5-2 Angels Youk singled to load the bases for “Big Papi” David Ortiz. Now I don’t want to say that Ortiz is a key player on the team, well, I guess I will say that because with the bases loaded, he hit a grand slam to put the Sox on top of the Angels. Score: 6-5 Red Sox

Bottom 8th
For the next few innings, the score remained the same until the 8th when the Red Sox not only got insurance runs, but did some serious damage. With Alex Cora on 2nd, they chose to walk Ortiz and face Manny which was a bad choice. Manny doubled to bring in 2 runs. Score: 8-5 Red Sox Varitek singled scoring Manny from 2nd and after a wild pitch, J.D. Drew scored. Score: 10-5 Red Sox

Top 9th
Papelbon came in for a non-save situation getting a ground out and back to back strikeouts to close the game out. The Red Sox scored 10 unanswered runs to get the come back win over the Angels keeping their 5 game lead over the Yankees. The Sox play their final game against the Angels tomorrow afternoon at 2:05pm and hopefully are able to take 3 out of 4 from them.

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