Aug 24 2007

jQuery 1.1.4 Release == Faster, Better And Prepped

jQuery 1.1.4 Improvements
I have been using jQuery for months now and am loving the way that I can manipulate the DOM easier and cleaner. Each time I use jQuery I learn something new and it becomes more and more a part of my development strategy. If you are interested in learning about jQuery, I highly recommend the book Learning jQuery. It is a great starting book and reference to add to your bookshelf. You can buy it below:


Ajaxian informed me of the new release of jQuery 1.1.4. The new version is a major improvement on the previous version. In addition to the speed increase and bug fixes, they are announcing the release of some new functionality.

.slice(): You may recognize this method name from the .slice() method that exists on JavaScript arrays – youâ??re in luck because it behaves identically. This is a great method for chopping apart jQuery objects and getting to the elements inside of them.

:has(): This new selector is a replacement for the current way of checking for elements inside of another element (div[p]). You can now use this selector just as you would that particular XPath selector.

Deep, recursive .extend(): This has been a frequently-requested addition to the jQuery .extend() method. This change allows you to deeply merge nested objects (as opposed to having them overwrite each other).

jQuery released 1.1.4 in preparation to launch the new version 1.2 in September. Here is a preview of what’s to come:

  • Selectors
    1. Move from [@attr] to [attr]
    2. :has()
    3. DOM
  • Form/Field Serialization
    1. .wrapAll()
    2. .nextUntil() / .prevUntil()
    3. .andSelf()
    4. .contents()
    5. .hasClass()
  • Ajax
    1. Append .load()
    2. Make .getScript() Work Cross-Domain
  • Events
    1. .ready() waits for .getScript()
    2. Multi-type Events
    3. .clone() Events
    4. Re-work triggered events
  • Effects & Animations
    1. Stop Animations
    2. Queue Control
    3. Animating scrollLeft/scrollTop
    4. Relative Animations
    5. Relative Animations Combine
  • Attributes/CSS
    1. .height()/.width() work for document/window
  • Misc
    1. Wrap jQuery in a Closure
    2. Move Docs to External File
  • To Be Removed
  • Past Considerations
    1. Use XPath for Selectors
    2. Behaviors / Live Query
    3. Element Offset
    4. Variables in .attr()/.css()

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