Aug 27 2007

Sea Dog BluePaw (Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale)

Sea Dog BluePawLately, I have really enjoyed Sea Dog’s BluePaw which is a Blueberry Wheat Ale. I tried it when my sister bought it one night when she came home from work and it has become the drink that we buy. Each time we run out, the other person goes and gets another 6-pack.

There are four tests for rating beer: Aroma, Appearance, Taste and Finish (Aftertaste).

Aroma: Your nose can detect so many aromas that you want to make sure to smell it before tasting. As you first pour the beer, you can smell a hint of blueberry which makes sense and it adds to the flavor. Since Bluepaw is an Ale, besides the fact that it is a blueberry flavor, it has a fruity aroma to it because of the warmer fermenting temperatures.

Appearance: To most people, they define their beers by the color. Many say that if you are drinking a dark beer, than you know how to drink beer, but that depends on what type of beer you are wanting to drink and for what reason. BluePaw is a light amber color with semi-clear clarity (it could be the glass thats throwing it off though).

Taste: It has a medium body with a little bit of a tartness to it as it goes down, but very enjoyable. Not really that much more to say except to try it for yourself to understand what I am saying (not a professional beer judge).

Finish: The aftertaste sticks with you for a while, but not too long. It stays just enough so that once it goes away, you want the taste back, which is the point I guess. After you swallow it, there is a nice kick of blueberry that rises back out to your taste buds for an extra treat.

Overall: I am really happy with the brew and the overall taste of it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone to enjoys a nice fruit flavored ale. Zach has created a Black and Blueberry (Black and Tan variation) using BluePaw as one of the ingredients.

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  1. Zach

    If you are getting into the fruity wheat beer action… Sea Dog also makes an Apricot and Raspberry. Both worth checking out. Saranac makes a Pomegranate Wheat that is quite nice. Long Trail’s Blackberry Wheat is also interesting.

  2. kyle gigot

    I’m looking for a reciepe for a sea dog bluepaw clone. Can anyone help?

  3. Heather

    Also, I know this isn’t very professional, but when you burp afterward it tastes like blueberry pancakes.

  4. tatil

    i have never been the armenia and never tasted to food. but i will try to get later.thanks

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