Aug 30 2007

Red Sox vs. Yankees (Game 3) – August 30, 2007

Well, you have can’t win them all, but so far we have won 80 games and have a now 5 game lead over the Yankees. I will be happier once we are back up to a 8 or 9 game lead. Actually, I take that back, I will be ecstatic once we knock the Yankees out of the playoffs and clinch the division. Now, a little recap of today’s game which ended with the Yankees winning 5-0.

Yankees Red Sox

Schilling pitched very well except for two costly hits which were home runs by Robinson Cano. It doesn’t matter how good Schilling, Beckett or Matsuzaka pitched this series, the bats were not there for the Red Sox. They came into this series outscoring the White Sox 46-7 and could not even get 7 runs in the series against the Yankees. If the bats were there, we would be in a different situation.

There was some controversy (I wonder why!) in this game which saw two ejections, one from both sides. First, Terry Francona (Red Sox Manager) was thrown out for arguing a play that included A-Rod and Youkilis. In the top of the 7th, Youk was on his way to third base towards A-Rod who had the ball and instead of throwing to second and then to first to get the double play, A-Rod tried to tag Youk. Well, Kevin got out of the way and went beyond the base path and A-Rod missed him and then threw to first for the out. The umpire originally called him safe, but after A-Rod bitched to the ump like the little winer that he is, they called Youkilis out. Francona was pissed and came running out to argue the call the other way, pushing Hale and Youkilis out the way. After a few minutes, Francona got fired up and they finally ejected him.

Next, in the top of the 9th with the Yankees on top 5-0, their new pitcher Joba Chamberlain was tossed. Joba, who has a 100 mph fast ball, threw two consecutive balls at Youkilis’ head and right as Youk was about to say something to the umpire about it, he was ejected. He had a look of shock like he didn’t understand why he was being thrown. I have a question though, How do you not know that almost hitting a player in the head back to back, 2 innings after he was involved in another controversial play, will get you kicked out of a game. He may be new to this rivalry thing, but if he plans to react like that, this 21 year old is going to be in for a world of pain.

I was listening to Mix 98.5 today on my way to work and they got a call from one of their DJs Sue Brady saying that she was on her way to New York to kick some Yankee Fans Ass because a bunch of women who were extremely drunk dumped beer all over her husbands head (he’s a Red Sox fan) while he was with some clients for work. He just turned around and sat there while they continued to swear and yell at him. I mean, I know that I despise Yankee fans (because they are too dumb to root for a good team), but I would never dump beer on their heads. A beer at Fenway Park costs $8.00 for a 16 oz and $10.00 for a 24 oz beer, why would you want to waste beer by pouring it on someone. First of all, thats a waste of money and beer, second, why would you give your enemy more of something that they (usually) enjoy. Just a side note, but Yankee Fans are rude and dumb.

Yankee Fans Suck, A-Rod Sucks, Yankees Suck, GO RED SOX!!!

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