Sep 03 2007

Old Programming Style Caused Serious Issue For PACE

PHPToday I got a phone call from the new PACE president at Plymouth State University and he explained to me that the website (which I created years ago) is no longer working. After doing a little research, I realized that Plymouth turned off the ability to use PHP short tags and it was causing the site to not load. When I first learned PHP, short tags were acceptable and that is how I programmed. Since PHP recommended turning off short tags, the code was never updated. About a week ago, PSU changed their settings so that short tags are not accepted and since I graduated and am now longer in charge of the website, this was a serious issue. I had to explain to the new president how to fix the problem so that the site would work again.

Currently the site is semi-working due to the lack of data about the events. As soon as the events get added in, the site will be back up. They are also working on a new design and they hope to have it done ASAP.

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