Sep 10 2007

Jeopardy Sends Email Reminder After Show Ended

Ever since I tried out for the Jeopardy College Tournament, they have sent email reminders about new signups, news and other information. Today at 8:00pm, I received an email from them stating that the new season of Jeopardy started today. If you have ever watched the show, you will know that it starts at 7:30pm and gets over at 8:00pm. I am glad they sent me the reminder the minute the show ended.

When I tried out, I missed continuing to the next round by one question. I did however, do better than a MIT student who did not know the location of where they announce the Nobel Prizes. What was more interesting is that he will most likely get a Nobel Prize for something and he did not know the city/country (Stockholm, Sweden except the peace prize which is given in Oslo, Norway).

I thought it would be great to represent Plymouth State University in a college tournament competing against schools like Yale, UCLA, Harvard, Princeton and Notre Dame. Unfortunately since I just graduated, I can no longer participate in the upcoming tournaments and I will have to wait until the regular contestant test is announced. However, while I was at the tryouts in Boston July of 2005, I got to meet Sarah Whitcomb of the Jeopardy Clue Crew and she answered any questions we had about the show and then gave us a bunch of items from the show.

Enjoy this email mistake!


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