Sep 15 2007

Red Sox Vs. Yankees – September 14, 2007

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The Red Sox gave it back to the Yankees in the beginning of the first game of the final series between the two teams in the 2007 Regular Season. Everyone was giving the upper hand to Yankees starter Andy Pettite against Sox starter Daisuke Matsuzaka. However, just because someone says that a pitcher is going to win, doesn’t mean they are going to…on either side. Both starters get a no decision in this game.

With a 7-2 lead going into the 8th inning, the Yankees caused some serious damage. With 0 outs in the inning, the Yankees took a 8-7 lead on 6 hits. It was a very very frustrating inning for the Red Sox and needed to do something in the next two innings to try and retake the lead. Papelbon came in to try and get 6 outs for the save in the 8th inning which is his longest outing he has ever had. Going for his 36 save, he couldn’t do it and blows his 3rd game of the season.

The Red Sox were unable to score in the bottom of the 8th and Rivera came in to try and stop them in the 9th. JD Drew lead off the inning with a single to right field. Varitek stepped to the plate and struck out for the 1st out. Bobby Kielty popped a ball out to center field for out two. Ellsbury struck out for the third out and the Red Sox lose a very hard game that they should not have lost. If I figured it out right, the Red Sox and Yankees were two minutes short of tying for the longest 9 inning MLB game for 4:45 minutes.

Red Sox lose one game in the division now at 4 1/2 games and their record 89-59 which is the best record in baseball right now. The Red Sox are also the only team who realistically have a chance at a 100 win season which hasn’t happened since 1946 when they were 104-50. If the Sox win 100 games, that would be a .617 winning percentage which could be the only over .600% in the majors as well.

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