Sep 17 2007

Patriots Get Penalty Handed Down From NFL + Chargers

A Patriots video assistant was caught by NFL security filming the New York Jets’ defensive signals. Jets coach Eric Mangini, a former Patriots assistant, tipped off league officials that the Patriots might have been filming their signals. After the game, the Jets formally complained to the league.

Two days later, Belichick issued a statement “to apologize to everyone who has been affected,” and also cited he spoke with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about Belichick’s “interpretation of the rule”.

On September 13, Belichick was officially fined $500,000 USD–the the biggest fine ever imposed on a coach in the league’s 77-year history, and the maximum permitted under league rules. The Patriots were also fined $250,000. Additionally, the Patriots will forfeit their first round draft pick in the 2008 NFL Draft if they make the playoffs. If the Patriots do not make the playoffs, they will forfeit their second and third round selections in the 2008 draft. He said that he fined the Patriots as a team because Belichick is effectively the team’s general manager as well as head coach, and exercises so much control over the Patriots’ on-field operations that “his actions and decisions are properly attributed to the club.”

September 16, the Patriots kick off their home opener at Gillette Stadium by “Charging” through San Diego with a 38-14 win. This was the same score as the game vs. the Jets. It is very unfortunate that this had to happen, but the Patriots proved that with/without the video, they ARE the best team in the NFL and that is why they are considered a dynasty, not because of a incident. I believe in Belichick and the players on the Patriots and just like every analyst out there, the Patriots will win the Super Bowl this year.

In a related scandal, the Jets defense is now under investigation after shouting out signals to throw off the Ravens (which is also illegal). I don’t really know how to take this, but it will be an interesting season.

Below is a awesome video of the “stolen footage” (not real obviously, but VERY funny!!!)

Love the use of the Madden game to make this video work!

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