Sep 22 2007

Beckett 20 Game Winner, Red Sox Head To Postseason

Josh Beckett Wins 20
Josh Beckett went only 6 innings against Tampa Bay giving up 1 run but it he was able to walk away with his 20th win of the season which is the first of this year and first time since 2005. He is currently in a fight for the Cy Young award with C.C. Sabathia. Sox1Fan explains that Beckett Engraves Name On Cy Young Award and I agree with him, but ESPN doesn’t because they have Sabathia up by 1.5 points. However, Beckett has been amazing this year and deserves it.

Red Sox Clich Playoff Spot
It doesn’t matter what happens the rest of the season, the Red Sox are headed to the playoffs in October. The division is still on their mind though with a 2.5 game lead over the Yankees, the Red Sox currently have the best record in baseball again with the Angels and Cleavland losing. If they are able to keep the best record in the league, they will be able to choose their playoff schedule which is the first in MLB history.

Go Red Sox!!!

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