Sep 29 2007

Red Sox Are Champions Of The AL East And Best Record

Josh Beckett Celebrating AL East WinIt’s finally official, Red Sox are champions of the American League East and now own the best record in the AL and in all of the majors. I waited a little bit to post this so that it would include that information!

Last night, before the Red Sox took the field, there were 2 game left for the elimination number of the Yankees from the division, which means a Red Sox win and Yankees loss would clinch. After the Red Sox won, many fans waited around Fenway to see what would happen with the Yankees game. One of my friends was at the game and I went to go meet her outside of Fenway after the game. We headed to Game On to get a few drinks and then headed to Faneuil Hall to enjoy a great win with many Red Sox fans. While we were crossing the street to Quincey Market, we heard a lot of cheers. We then found out that the Yankees had lost and we were the Champions of the AL East. The rest of the night was amazing knowing that the next day, the Yankees score wouldn’t matter. However, there was still the chance at getting the best record in the league.

*Side note about my night: As we were waiting in line at Kitty O’Shea’s, a man walked up to a few of us asking if we could watch his baby while he went inside to drink. Obviously he was kidding, but what made it better was when his wife played along as well. It was a great night out with friends from Plymouth State University (my alma mater).

Today, the Red Sox and Indians took care of that worry when the Red Sox beat the Twins and the Indians lost to the Royals. JD Drew who has been amazing this last month and especially the last 10 games was great again tonight. He got a single, a triple and a 3-run Home Run to take the lead and end up being the winning run. What this means is that the Red Sox will get home field advantage throughout the post season and get to choose their playoff schedule. Tomorrow will be interesting to see who plays because they are now trying to rest players since there is nothing else to play for in the regular season.

Below is an interview with Eric Gagne on the AL East win!

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