Sep 30 2007

Armenian National Anthem

“Mer Hayrenik” (“Our Fatherland”) is the National Anthem of Armenia which has been in place since 1991 when Armenia became independant. Although the song has been the same since 1918, the lyrics have changed. Currently there is a committee that is deciding if Armenia needs a new Anthem, but until then “Mer Hayrenik” will remain the current National Anthem.

Here are the lyrics to the first verse of the Armenian National Anthem


Mer Hayrenik, azat ankakh,
Vor aprel eh dareh dar
Yur vortikeh ard kanchoom eh
Azat, ankakh Hayastan
Yur vortikeh ard kanchoom eh
Azat, ankakh Hayastan.


Land of our fathers, free, independent,
Which has endured from age to age.
Its sons and daughters now proclaim
Armenia, sovereign and free.
Its sons and daughters now proclaim
Armenia, sovereign and free.

Below is an audio file of the Armenian National Anthem. Enjoy!


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