Oct 20 2007

3,000 Year Old Instrument: The Armenian Duduk

DudukThe duduk is an 3,000 year old Armenian instrument of the woodwind family (similar to an oboe) that has been one of the biggest musical instruments in movies from the recent past. From The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to The Passion of the Christ, System of a Down’s “Toxicity” album, Gladiator and The Hulk, the duduk has been a powerful sound that many people overlook as being Armenian and it is time they know. It ancient instrument is made from “Apricot Wood” that soaks for many years in a controlled environment. The master of the duduk, Djivan Gasparyan, makes it sound so much more exciting.

Duduk.com sells the instrument on their website and I am thinking about saving some money and buying one. After hearing it recently at a performance that His holiness Karekin II was at, I was very interested in its sound…again. While I was in Armenia in 2001, I was able to listen to a duduk, but I didn’t know what it was until recently.

We began collecting Apricot wood from 1998, since then over 4,500 blanks
for duduk have been stored and aged in a moisture controlled environment.
Instead of using the typical two step process throughout three years we have aged the wood for 5 years and used a 5 stage aging process. Using the knowledge and experience passed to us from the masters of Armenian duduk we are adding our own research and techniques to produce our own brand of instruments while maintaining its traditional integrity of Armenian duduk.

– duduk.com

Below is a sample of what the Duduk sounds like so that people who are unfamiliar with it will understand its amazing sound.


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