Oct 23 2007

Armenian Matches In 1,700th Commemorative Casing

While in Armenia in 2001 during the 1,700th Anniversary of Armenia becoming the first Christian nation in 301 AD, I was able to pick up a souvineer to bring back with me to the US. It was a commemorative case that held 40 boxes of matches with Armenian Churches and Locations on both sides of the box. The case that the matches were in and the match boxes themselves was created just for 2001 and they can no longer be purchased. This was given to me as a gift from my host family in Armenia.

The front cover of the box is a picture of Holy Etchmiadzin where the Catholicos resides and the birthplace of the Armenian Church.


On the inside cover is a picture of Khor Virap where St. Gregory was held captive in a pit for 13 years.


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