Oct 30 2007

Sox Celebrate Tuesday, Watch It On MyFoxBoston.com

A picture of the 2004 Rolling Rally

Again the Red Sox will celebrate like they did in 2004 with a duck boat filled rolling rally, however, many people will not be attending. You see, the Boston mayor, Tom Menino decided that instead of waiting until Saturday when more people could attend, they are holding it on a Tuesday at noon which means most people will be at work. I am very upset because I really want to go into Boston but I can’t because of work. I can’t even take my lunch break to go down because I would not be able to find a parking spot within an hour and the MBTA would be a lot harder.

Below is the parade route in case you want to head in for yourself.

Since I had a wedding the night before they won the World Series, I was too tired to go into Boston that night and it was a Sunday and I had work in the morning. I was fine with it because I knew that they would have a rally (hopefully) on a Saturday, I was wrong. Red Sox nation spends 7 months (12 months if you follow breaking news all year) watching the Red Sox play and sit with them through the joys and sorrows of the season and the city of Boston repays us by holding it when most people can’t attend. I also don’t want to hear the saying “A true fan would miss work” because if I could I would but my work is launching our new website soon and I need to be there to fix any errors/additions that come up.

It’s alright, because I will just watch the coverage that is being streamed from myfoxboston.com on my other monitor while at work. (I will be getting work done while occasionally glancing over). For those of you who are going, enjoy the celebration and take lots of pictures.

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