Nov 01 2007

Must Sports Color Commentators Always Change Views

207-2265_0661While I was watching the Red Sox play in the ALCS and World Series on Fox, I realized why I love watching the games on NESN, Joe Buck (one on far right) is a horrible commentator. Not only is he bad, but he is by far the worst color commentator in sports (well maybe John Madden as well). The entire series he had changed his view on the game based on the situation that each team was in. If the Red Sox were on fire, he couldn’t stop praising them, but when they screwed up he would say how bad they have been doing the past few games. I will get back to this comment in a minute, but I want to talk about why nationally televised post season games get dumbed down.

I have to wonder if Joe Buck actually knows anything about baseball or if he just reads stats that his team gives him because he doesn’t have anything helpful to say at all. I understand that this is a nationally televised game and most of the country doesn’t understand what the Red Sox can do, but why does he have to repeat himself day after day with statistics from 3 and 4 years ago. For example, the Red Sox were down 3-1 in 2004 (well 3-0, but for the situation he said 3-1) and they were able to come back and win the series. Obviously, most of the country knows about that story…actually, anyone who watches baseball knows all about it since they watched it happen. My question is why does he have to keep repeating and showing it like this is new information that no one knew. They would explain the situation every game and multiple times per game. Enough already!

Back to my original question now that I have gone on a small tangent. Joe Buck actually changed his tone about Manny Ramirez between a few innings. I am not talking about a little change of heart, but a complete end to end spectrum. First he commented on the quote that Manny gave to the press the other day saying that between that comment and him stopping on first to become an umpire, Manny shows that he is not interested in winning. A few innings later while they were showing a replay of the “almost home run”, he stated that Manny has unbelievable talent and strength to hit a ball that hard. He is not lying there, but honestly, merge into the change of heart.

Many other people have also commented on his sportscasting and have called him an “assclown” (which is quite funny). Wouldn’t you call him names if he made a comment like this (before a world series game): “I think the two best teams are meeting. I don’t know that every year you can say that.” Really Joe Buck, your going to go with that one. Come on, the superbowl/world series is for the championship. Even if the other teams are better, they obviously weren’t good enough to get to this point. Question for you Joe Buck, Do you even listen to yourself when you talk and say I am a complete idiot for making that comment. Any human living object who is has a brain would understand that the two best teams are playing for the championship.

More Quotes:

  • Dude needs a cast iron cup for straddling the fence
  • That’s $25 million on the mound for the New York Yankees.
  • 2005: We tried to sell the heck out of the Red Sox not winning in 86 years. Here’s a team that hasn’t won in 88 years.
  • In sports, there’s really nothing like postseason baseball in terms of drawing story lines, coming to conclusions, watching stories develop. In the Yankees-Red Sox series, Games 4 and 5 were two of the most thrilling games you’d want to see, and when you have a buildup like that, people are going to be excited to see Games 6 and 7. In football, the games can be just as thrilling, but they stand on their own. A regular-season game in the NFL has almost a playoff feel some weeks.

Put Don (Orsillo)/Jerry (Remy) on FOX and see how much better the games are. They have fun and make the games worth listening to.

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