Nov 13 2007

Josh Beckett Screwed Out Of 2007 AL Cy Young Award

Josh Beckett Wins 20
It makes Josh Beckett and I very mad when the better pitcher gets the award! Well, according to Beckett, he thinks the better pitcher won, but I think he is lying (or in denial).

How does a pitcher, who is absolutely amazing, have the best winning record and all of the majors and still not receive the Cy Young Award. I guess I forgot the concept of baseball was to try and prevent the other team from scoring. Well, it is, but it is more important that you win the game. There is a chance that you may have the lowest ERA but still lose the game. Josh Beckett had 1 more win than C.C. Sabathia but watch out for the Innings Pitched because those are going to come back and bite him in the ass.

Sox1Fan.com wrote a great article about it and I could not agree more with him. Beckett got robbed.

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  2. Yadira Iglesias

    I agree. Josh Beckett got robbed once again. I couldn’t understand why Peavy got it. Are we feeling sorry for him or something? The award should have gon to the best pitcher in all the MLB and in one word the world knew it was Beckett. I’m from Florida, and a big Red Soxs fan, and will continue to be. I thought Beckett deserved it when he won for the Marlins against the yankees for the World Series..but no. I was upset and this year he was amazing. Did not give up that many runs(unlike Peavy) and strike out more than any year combined. He had no run games. Josh has proven this time that even though he didn’t get the award the world knows that he deserved it, and to say it was unanimous it’s going a little far, cause I’m sure that when playoffs season kicked around no one was saying Peavy should win, but let’s see if they win and if he could really take the game back home. An he came…he won…he conquered..and got robbed on a prestigious award, but no matter what to me…Josh Beckett are the true Cy young winner, and we all love appreciate what you did here in Florida for us, and what you did in Boston this year. We love seeing you play your all-time best and will continue to do so…and to San Diego and Peavy…..You got lucky that someone feels sorry for you, but you know that you don’t deserve that award….did you pitch at the World Series and win? that’s right…you didn’t make it that far. Enjoy it while you can…they will trade you and you can forget about looking Boston’s way.
    We Love You Josh!!!! and thank you for a great season…and a great World Series Win!!!!!

    PS: Our 2007 rightful Cy Young Winner–AL Boston Red Sox’s starting pitcher and great guy(not to mention cute) Mr. Josh Beckett. Congrats Josh

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